Pub Tour Bärentouren
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The traditional Berlin Pub Tour
A German beermug

We stroll through the most interesting pubs in "Prenzlauer Berg", the best preserved quarter from Berlin of the time around 1900.
The tour starts at the former brewery "Pfefferberg", now it houses a biergarten and offers room for dance and other cultural activities.

Old Berlin Pfefferberg Taverne

Watch the scene of today in one of the most popular places of Berlin, the Kollwitz-Platz. Eat traditional German supper in the Restaurant 1900, opened for the 750-anniversary of the founding of Berlin.

Old Berlin Restaurant 1900

Take a ride on the second oldest underground line of Berlin to look at a cinema in a hundred years old building, which formerly housed an old horse stable.

Old horse stable inside the cinema

Enjoy "Bavarian" hospitality in the "Tiroler Stuben", a pub with the flair you find in the region of the Alps of South Germany and Austria.

Old Berlin Tiroler Stuben Pub
Meet new frinds during your trip in Berlin ! - Announcement necessary !

Duration of the city - tour: approx 4 hours